panofsky : kunstgeschichte amerikanische

“no european scholar–least of all the Germans and Austrians who, whatever may be said against them, were less afraid of foreign literature than most Italians and nearly all Frenchman–could remain blind to the fact that the United States had emerged as a major power in the history of art; and that, conversely, the history of art had assumed a new, distinctive physiognomy in the United States.”


-erwin panofsky  (1954)


cummins : art in the present

“art as a material form, no matter how recently made, appears before us in the present as a presence of the past and asks us, among other things, to engage with history in particular ways.”

-t. cummins

sigelman & jacoby : phenomona

“Style is a probabilistic phenomenon. Recognizing, for example, that even a writer who flaunts an abstruse vocabulary will also need to use many mundane words, stylisticians regard style as a general predisposition toward a particular mode of expression rather than an invariant habit or constant.”


-l. sigelman & w. jacoby